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The Department Technical Programs - BSIT seal is defined by a circle shape with rounded edges. The shape contains the department name, DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL PROGRAMS, and its base contains the school name and the year the department was created, UMDC 2009. This shape defines a circular field on which rests a complete set of computer unit that promotes ICT- enhanced education aiming to develop ICT- enabled professionals through innovative learning.

On its left side is the vertical scroll banner and below is the curved down ribbon which contains the department motto, I.T. NUNQUAM SUBSISTO which means I.T. NEVER STOPS. Never stop in striving for excellence. It points upwards and that is where we want I.T. to be scaling greater heights and beyond.

At the back is the Globe, representing a globally competitive institution through various educational innovations, which motivates students and more importantly prepares student to reach their full potential when they graduate.

Finally, the seals colors are gray and black. Gray represents the color of the department and black represents supremacy and strong determination to strive to be the number one in the field of IT profession.

TEAM LEADERCyvil Dave T. Dasargo, MIT
LAY-OUT ARTISTJohn Raven Manulat
Joane May Delima
WEB ADMINShane Ryan A. Diaz, MIT
Nesle Tagalog

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